Saturday, March 17, 2012

God's Love

From my Spiritual Journal
June 18, 1999
Yesterday morning, I listened to part of a sermon. I missed most of it because I was turning channels to get the weather report when I stumbled across a Pastor just ending his sermon. I regret that I missed the beginning of it, for I know it would have been wonderful. I know this because his last sentence was "I've been forgiven much because God loves me so much."

     Those words went straight to my heart, reminding me of the life I'd once lived; the person I was before asking Jesus to be the Lord of my life. The river rose in my eyes as I recalled how overwhelmed I'd been, how full of joy, when I finally understood that somebody not only loved me just as I was, but could and would, save me from myself; from all my self-destructive habits, from my low self-esteem, from my loneliness, my fears, my doubts and unkind acts; my disrespectful mouth, and from the hatred and resentfulness I carried towards all those who had hurt me so badly; those who robbed me of my childhood, my innocence, my joy, my hope- my very life.
I sat quietly, after hearing that last sentence, thinking of the kind of life I'd be living had it not been for Christ. How do you feel when reading the words"I'm forgiven much because God loves me so much?" Can you imagine your life now- without Him at the core of it? Imagine, for a moment, the most difficult, the most painful experience you've dealt with? What if there were no Christ to lift us up, to renew our hope, our faith, strength and courage? What if, when we prayed, we discovered we'd done it for nothing?
Remember when we first fell in love with the Lord? We wanted to spend every waking minute with him; reading what he said and  learning the (why's) behind His words. It was impossible for us to be still; we just had to speak about him, had to share with anybody who would listen to us. Is it still that way? Do our hearts yet burn for him? Do we still allow everything else to wait just so we can spend a little bit more time with Him?  Does he go to the table with us- like at first? Does he sit with us as we watch television? Is he beside us during the day, or does he only hear our voice when a crisis arises?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


From My spiritual journal
December 18, 1989

We don't have to fear the changes that will enter our lives. Our tomorrows will find God beside us, just as he was the day before and is today. He has been with us since we first asked Him into our hearts, and will be at our side until our last breath.

    We'll experience many things in our lifetime: marriage, divorce, births, deaths, new jobs, loss of a job, owning a home- losing one, a happy family, a dysfunctional one, problems with our children, health problems, and many more, and God will be there to rejoice with us, or grieve with us, as always He's done.
"Lo, I am with you.."  What comfort; what reassurance. God with us means: We will not be betrayed, won't be abandoned, will have somebody to trust, will have somebody with us through the long haul; somebody who won't bail out on us when things get rough. It means no matter how bright our days, or how dark the nights- He is at our side.
    Life becomes more stressful every day. We need help in order to remain strong and courageous midst the storms of our lives, need help in order to be at peace. There is only one place to receive that peace, and that is through  Christ, the God of All Comfort.

One of our sons, when he was but four years old, feared the dark. Even with a night-light on he'd have trouble falling asleep. Every night, I'd tuck him in and reassure him that I'd be in the next room, so he didn't have to worry or be afraid. Yet, every night, until sleep found him, he'd call out to me at regular intervals. "Mommy, are you still there?"

This is how we are with the Lord, when the stress of life has us hemmed in, when we are discouraged, weary, and afraid. It does not seem quite good enough that God says "Lo, I am with you all the appointed days."

We still call out to him in the dark of night, and sometimes in the bright of noon day, "Lord, are you still there?"
   Jesus promised NEVER to forsake us. Let's believe him; let's praise Him for his faithfulness rather than be a doubting Thomas.

Make a wonderful memory today. Be good to others and just as good to yourselves. Have patience with all things, but mostly with yourselves. Don't become discouraged when considering your imperfections. We all have them. Don't forget that we are a work in progress. God isn't finished with us yet.