Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thou Remainest

Hebrews 1:11

If we traveled throughout the world, we'd see numberless individuals sitting alone in  bed, in a rocking chair, in a mansion, a motel room, on a park bench, or perhaps in a cardboard box shoved against a tall, cold building, and each individual is crying.
You and I cry too when life becomes unusually difficult, when we're dealing with health issues, when we've lost a loved one, when our deepest hopes and dreams disappear like sand between our fingers.

On these darkest of times, I love to go to my Bible. The Lord never fails to speak to my heart, never fails to fill up those empty, hurting places so deep within me. I was reading Hebrews 1:11 and those two words Thou Remainest, in the middle of the verse glittered like stars on the blackest of night. Thou Remainest and doesn't HE? Hasn't he always, just as promised? He has! It's just that we forget he is beside us. Our aches and pains, the crazy weather, the lack of sleep, our blue moods, all these have our attention. 

How different things could be, if we'd not forget that just beyond our vision is the One who loves us so dearly, the God Of All Comfort. What a wonderful realization, to know that even as we're needing the Lord, HE, knowing how much we'd need him remained. How different things would be if we'd not forget where the Lord is.
If we would remember, our peace would be true peace, would be a pond without a ripple in it.

May that promised peace of Christ be yours today and every day. May you continue to be honored by His presence, to experience the warmth of His love and the tightness of His embrace.

Love you much,