Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Do You See Your Trial...or God?

July 30, 2014

 Our sufferings, sorrows, trials, cannot be avoided. We will all experience them.
 But it is not something anybody looks forward too. Our burdens can feel so
 painful, so heavy that we feel isolated from God. Our faith falters,
sometimes disappears for awhile, as if it never existed. Doubts follow 
suit, washing over us like the ocean against the shore.

We see our trials as a bad thing, either forgetting, or not realizing that it
 is midst our darkest, most difficult moments that God is the nearest- as
close as our breath.

I used to believe that God allowed trials in my life in order to teach me 
something. I never grew spiritually until I understood that I had it backwards:
he didn't want to teach me something. What he wanted was for me to recognize 
that I needed to unlearn something; wanted me to understand that because 
I was going about something in the wrong way, nothing in my life
was going right. He couldn't set the crooked paths of my life straight until
I understood that.

Every time a new trial confronts me now, I know to look for God in it;
rather than be intimidated by the trial. The more I do this- the larger, more
strong my faith becomes.
Whatever your burden today, however heavy or painful, look for God in it,
and peace will return to its rightful place in your life.

God bless you