Monday, May 28, 2012

From my 2000 Spiritual Journal
June 8, 2000

What Might God Tell Me ...after my prayers?

Because you have believed in me, trusted me for your daily needs I have blessed you beyond measure, as many are blessed. Do you not have peace, though your life is as a tangled ball of string? Is not your mind at rest and no longer fearful, doubtful and full of thoughts that discourage? Seeing that you, of your own accord did not make this possible, give thanks to the God of mankind, the God who being just and merciful, loving, and wise beyond mans comprehension does what he promises to do - rewards the patient and faithful, the loyal and obedient, those who believe as a child believes.

     You do have reason to be joyous, for the dark that held you in bondage all your life no longer holds you. Fear is of the devil, and will not be found within those who have learned to trust me.
These are solemn times, though most of mankind remains blind. Their eyes and ears remain closed as were the eyes and ears of past generations, who refusing to see and hear- did fall.
   Do not take back that which you gave to me, and in all manner of things, remember the destruction and pain that wrong choices and a rebellious heart put into your life. Be faithful and true unto the God, who out of love for you untangled your life and set you on the right path again- lit it, and granted you wisdom to better understand things. Be open in heart and mind, receptive to the Holy Spirit, who will reveal things you're ignorant of. He will plant your feet and enlighten your mind, enabling you to see with clarity of vision.

     Be not lifted up by men, whose affection for you blinds them to their lack of trust in me, and to the rebelliousness of their hearts, that same evil that rested upon your own heart in times past. Lift Christ HIGH before men. Tell everybody about the Savior who loving them so deeply, willingly laid down his life for them so that they could live.
    Encourage all who will listen to abide in me. Encourage them to pray for the removal of all that now exists between us so that no wall is in the middle; so that they may come boldly to ME, asking with faith those things I desire to give them.
    There is light that fills the inner man, granting him power to do all manner of things, but my people fear that which they are unsure of. Their doubt grieves me, for if a child of mine asks for bread why would I give then a stone?

    You are loved, as are all those who love me, whose faith is a steady, dependable thing. Be patient, loving, and kind to those with a weaker faith; for did you not at one time have difficulty letting go of the negative things Satan put upon you?
Many people begin and end their days in fear. Do not do as they do, but continue to trust me and in my promises.  Leave your loved ones with the God you trust. All men have to make their own decisions regarding life. Look to Christ and nevermore away, for darkness comes and I desire your safety- the safety of all who love me.