Saturday, June 29, 2013

Do We Really Trust Jesus?

Psalm 37:5

"Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in Him; and He shall bring it to pass."

Oftentimes we believe ourselves to be trusting in the Lord, when in truth, we're really not.Why do I say this? Think about it for a minute. Can a man look at both sides of a penny at the same time? Of course he can't. Well, he can't be trusting in the Lord, yet be worried at the same time; he's either trusting- or not.

In John 14:1 Jesus said "Let not your heart be troubled."
If we read this verse correctly, we'll see that the Lord is not giving us options here, but a command.
"LET NOT, which means, put another way, DO NOT LET your heart be troubled.    I'm not sure how we manage to miss this, but we do. We start our day with prayer, have the best intentions probably, yet first time something disturbs our comfort zone,we fall right back into the worrying and being afraid mode.
How different our lives could be, if we would just take the Lord's Words to heart; if we would, from this moment on, view this verse in the way He desires us too. He promised us peace; it is ours for the taking, but we fail to embrace it. Our years of worrying, fretting, being anxious and fearful are deeply rooted. But dear ones, just because they are, we don't have to remain enslaved by them.

God is not going to do anything to keep our hearts from being troubled. That is our job. How do we  manage to do it? We manage by every single day, asking for the Lord's help. We do it by being absolutely honest, about how we've not truly believed in Him enough, how we've claimed to- yet continued to let worry and fear be the master of our lives.

If we ask the Lord to help us break this despicable habit of distrust; if we ask Him to enable us to have the faith of a little child, He will give us that faith. But we have to do our part; which is pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps every time we're discouraged. It means doing it over and over again, whenever fear, worries, insecurities, any negative thing threatens to get in between us and the Lord.

May He strengthen and bless each of you. It is always my prayer that you may always know the warmth of His love, the honor of His presence, and the tightness of His embrace.

Love you much,


Monday, June 17, 2013

I Understand

Song I wrote on October 3, 1967
(saved it in my 1967 Spiritual Journal).

I Understand

I understand how you feel when things trouble you,
I know that some things just seem to hard to bear,
When I knelt in the Garden of Gethsemene
I could not feel my Father's presence there.
I know the way your heart fills with grief - with sorrow,
That it feels to much for a mere man,
When I carried that big cross, I felt then just like you,
So you see, I do really understand.

I understand how you feel with many burdens,
My shoulders too carried some so hard to bear,
And when the ones I depended on deserted me,
I felt alone, nobody with me seemed to care.
I too have known the agony of endless waiting,
And for you who are just a mere man,
Shouldn't lean on your own understanding, 
Lean on me, you can see, I understand.

Have a blessed day, my friends. Remember how faithful, how dependable our Lord is. He is coming back: He promised -always keeps His word.

Be good to others- and yourselves too.
Love you much,

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Seek And Ye Shall Find

From my July, 2003 Spiritual Journal.

Luke 11:9
"And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you: Seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you."

Throughout the  past few years I've had many people write me regarding their unanswered prayers; serious prayers about serious problems. They couldn't understand why so many of their prayers were left unanswered. For many years I wondered the same thing.
     I believed in God. I loved Him. Yet, when i was facing problems that were overwhelming me and turned to Him for help, there was nothing but silence.
I went through some difficult years, years of crying myself to sleep, of being discouraged and sad, of feeling extremely inadequate. I felt myself to be a failure as a Christian- just could not get it right.

   One day, I was meditating upon my life, and the sorrows connected to it. I determined that I would not accept that God didn't care what happened to me; decided to study His Word at great length; study harder and longer than I ever had. My former method of study was to  read a verse and do a lesson about what I felt God wanted me to learn from it, what He was telling me. But while studying one day I came across Luke 11:9; found myself reading it over and over again. I studied it totally different than I had before. I took each individual word in the verse and made a mental note of its definition. Doing this opened my eyes for the first time; enabled me to understand (why) so many of my prayers had been unanswered.
    "Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss."
I'd definitely asked amiss. I'd prayed about my problems, my needs, which at the time were all about myself. I wanted help with my children, wanted extra money so I could better care for my children. I prayed to feel better, for a good nights sleep, prayed for my family and friends and my enemies too.
I was overlooking the most precious gem in the universe. My prayers were not bad prayers, and God DID want to help me. But I'd narrowed my interest to what concerned me- not God. If we want prayers answered we must first get our priorities straight. We must first (seek to find God); we may know Him and love Him, but how often do we seek His company? We may do our lessons, attend church, pay tithes, pray regularly , help the poor, and perhaps even attend some seminars, but how excited do we get when we know it's time for our 1-to-1 with the Lord?
    Are we still thirsty for His Word, like when we first asked Him into our hearts, or have we become smugly indifferent- so satisfied with our spiritual life that we don't miss our private time with Him? We must not allow indifference to settle upon us. We can never give another person that which we have found, but we can make him desire to have what he sees in us.

"Knock And It Shall Be Opened Unto You"

 We must draw nearer to God. It says the door is closed. We get nervous while waiting; become aware of what's really going on within us. We might not kill, but we're gossipers and liars; we might not steal, but we commit adultery; we might go to church and pay tithe, but we're stubborn, rude, unkind, and self-righteous; we might do our Bible lessons and pray at the family altar, but we have these hidden things nobody knows about except God.|We start to think how dirty our hands are; how dark our hearts, and now we began to truly desire for the door to open, truly desire to be closer to God, recognize now, while facing ourselves just how desperately we need Him.

   We knock a little louder- the door does not open. We stand there, sick at heart, so discouraged the river has begun to rise in our eyes. "I must purify my heart" The words float across our mind and we began to pray, more earnestly than ever before. We begin to think about ourselves differently; with honesty, perhaps for the first time in our lives. Now we gaze inwardly- deeply, at our true self. HE sees us with loving eyes, but we are ashamed and disgusted to discover we're not what we've always believed ourselves to be. We, in our honesty, began to grieve for the darkness of our hearts, for the hypocrisy we've lived with, and began to cry aloud for the door to open.
It does not come easy, knocking at the door, having discovered the man/woman, we really are. But we dig deep within ourselves to find courage, and having found a small measure of it, we knock as loudly as we can, and mercifully the door opens.

Faith honors God- God honors our faith.

I've written this entry out in this manner because it is what I experienced this week.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Bread of Life

Matthew 4:4

"But he answered and said, "It is written. Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God."

Deuteronomy 8:3
"And he humbled thee, and suffered thee to hunger, and fed thee with manna, which thou knewest not, neither did thy fathers know; that he might make thee know that man doth not live by bread only, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of the Lord doth man live."

Bread of itself does not feed the whole of a man; it keeps him alive only. To live means to be alive, to have movement in our lives; to think, plan, act out. God does not say we need only bread; he says man shall not live by bread alone, which indicates that a man needs something more.

The Scriptures say (every word), so we know that we need God's wisdom if we are to understand how we are to live.

Proverbs 3:1, 2 tells us to keep God's commandments so that he can bless us with long life and peace. We are to hold tightly to mercy and truth; to bind them upon our necks, to write them upon the tables of our hearts.

Proverbs 3:5, 6 tells us to trust in the Lord with all our heart; to trust in Him, not ourselves. It tells us that if, in all our ways we acknowledge Him, he will direct our paths.

 Fear is one of Satan's favorite weapons, and for many years he used this weapon against me.
    I've always been, before finding the Lord, a fearful, insecure person. When I was that fearful person, I found night time very frightening- sleep an elusive thing because of the nightmares. After Jesus became Lord of my heart and life? Well, everything changed. I discovered the truth about his WORD, that there is LIFE in it..literal life.
     As I began to memorize Bible verses, the fear began to fade. One day I realized that fear was no longer running my life. It no longer runs my life but  does raise its ugly head once in awhile. Since Johnny's death, seven and a half months ago, I began having trouble sleeping again- the horrible dreams began to return.
    I was prepared this time. As soon as I began to feel afraid I'd say Proverbs 3:24 out loud "When thou liest down, thou shalt not be afraid: yea, thou shalt lie down, and they sleep shall be sweet." My sleep was.

Isn't God wonderful? I love him so very much. He remembers our frame, that we are but dust; has provided an exit door we can use when we feel hemmed in by life's trials.
     When we find ourselves afraid, discouraged, lonely, feeling rejected, angry, resentful- any negative thing, we don't have to remain in that state. All we have to do is walk away from what we're feeling, just have to use the exit door (Christ).

Let's remember, when we prepare our meals, that God felt it necessary, to make us know, that bread alone is not enough to sustain us. If we find ourselves unable to cope with the trials of life, perhaps we've forgotten what God wanted us to know.

Hope each of you had a wonderful day today, that you didn't miss the SHINY moments God sent you. I'm appreciating, and praising God, for the freedom that is mine through Christ, and thanking Him too, for those who gave their lives to protect us- and for those, who are at this very moment, at the other side of the world, doing what they have to in order to keep us safe. Please don't forget to include them in your prayers.

Love you much,