Saturday, August 30, 2014

God desires us to be strong- to trust Him.

Hebrews 12:12-13

Wherefore lift up the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees, and make straight paths for your feet, lest that which is lame be turned out of the way; but let it rather be healed."

The above verse gives me a mental picture of a very sad, fearful, weak and  insecure person, somebody who has made the mistake of giving discouragement too big a welcome. If you read through the words carefully, I'm fairly certain you will see yourself there, if not now, then perhaps in the past. I say this because every one of us has been confronted with trials: some huge, very painful and intimidating- almost always causing us to be afraid. Most of us, if we're honest, will admit that when the trial is unexpected, and something that is going to drastically change our lives, we are tempted to avoid it, to find an easier way out.

There are numerous ways of avoiding the crisis, rather than facing it, and too often, when we are up against something that we're fearful of, we say "I am not ready to deal with that just now." We say this because, at the moment, we feel inadequate, not strong enough. And why do we feel this way?  Because we gave discouragement too big a welcome, which is not good.  Discouragement makes a man physically, mentally, morally, and spiritually weak: it becomes a comfy blanket, one we find difficult to discard.

What God is saying in this verse is "Lift up the hands that hang down." Don't let this latest problem get you down. It's not as if you're facing it alone. I AM WITH YOU.

Get up- Stand tall. Turn around, and without hesitation face that which you fear.  As soon as you take that first step I will lead you to victory.

Don't let your feet "be turned out of the way."  (cause you to walk in the wrong path),but let your body " be healed," your faith made strong again. Open your hands and let go of yesterday's failures, and all that troubles you today.

I have binders full of my favorite quotations. The two I am sharing below are two that have kept me strong midst my darkest, most painful moments.

"Go right ahead and leave no Jericho behind you unconquered, and no place where Satan can say that he was too much for you."
                                                                 A.B. Simpson

This quotation has been a huge help to me. Every time I became overwhelmed, fearful, or felt too intimidated to move forward I thought of this quotation. I do not ever wish to give Satan opportunity to say he was too much for me. I wish him to know that no matter how tough my crisis, or how painful, I know that whether I live or die, I am, and will always be, the Lord's, so either way  I win.

I pray for each of you every day, asking God to keep you happy, healthy, and close to His heart, which is the most wonderful place to be.


"Pay as little attention to discouragement as possible. Plough ahead as a steamer does, rough or smooth--rain or shine. To carry your cargo and make your port is the point.
                                                            -Maltbie D. Babcock



  1. I needed this today, I am facing something that I just don't seem to want to face or know how to! Reading this has helped me put my focus back on God's grace and off of myself, He has promised to be with and this comforts me! Have a blessed weekend!

    1. Hi Sylvia, I am so happy to know that this post lifted your spirits. I know how difficult it can be, facing difficult things. I have quite a few things I have struggled with of late too.But the Bible verses I shared opened my eyes, enabled me to do as God asked me to do. Be blessed dear one. Everything will be okay. Praying for you.

  2. I will tell you this Barb - having cancer - makes you think about the things that are really important and the things that are not!

  3. Sweet Chatty.You speak the truth here. Serious health issues never fail to help us get the proper perspective on things. Love you, hon. Am here for you always.