Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Romans 8:28

"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love

 When I was nine, I was bored and becoming a pest to the adults around me, so my uncle gave me an old clock to tinker with. I held it to my ear, while listening to it's soft ticking sound, and then, being curious, I took it apart. I was to young to understand what made it tick, but did discover that it took many different parts to make the clock work.

Like the clock, a man requires more than one part if he is to function properly and be able to cope with the realities- the harshnes of life. He could not possess just one part and be complete; could not, for instance just have patience. If patience was all he had, what would he do if he found himself in a situation that required courage or faith? What if he were to need compassion, or understanding. wisdom, mercy, or strength? We need a lot of parts in order to not just cope with the harshness of life, but to be able to appreciate and value it as well.

The world our wonderful God created is made up of opposites: night-day, sorrow-joy, spring-winter, etc. We could never appreciate the more colorful things, the things that make us happy, unless we've first tasted the bitterness of the trials we've experienced. God does not always send the trials we're confronted with. But he most definitely allows them. How else could He make sure that we have the parts we'd need in order to overcome the difficulties in our lives, as well as be a blessing to those around us who are hurting? Yes, there is a harshness to life; much pain and enormous sorrow, but there is always their opposite.
Whenever I see a rainbow, I see the darker colors as the trials I've been through,
the brighter colors as joy; the JOY  God gave me for trusting Him during the  darkest moments of my life: the death of my parents, a betrayal, a failed marriage, having a child in an abusive relationship for years, the loss of a very dear friend, a job, two precious children in trouble, the loss of my Johnny. My greatest JOY fills me up, and that JOY comes from HE who believed in me, loved me, forgave me, when nobody else could- or would.

"All Things Work Together For Good To Them That Love God."

What a powerful blessing, what reassuring words to a troubled person, somebody not understanding what it takes for us to function properly, not understanding what we need, in order to cope with the hard side of life.

It says all things (WORK), which means everything has been checked out; nothing will break down and leave us stranded. It means all things are working now, at this very minute...and for our good, because we love God. It means we have no reason to doubt, or be troubled about the trials in our lives. Each part is necessary in order for us to be successful; to grow, and become the kind of people God desires us to be.

AND WE KNOW ( we are positive)
THAT ALL THINGS (every single thing)

Let's not worry and fret any more, but give our burdens to the Lord. We have but to say, "Father, this is just to heavy for me," and he takes care of it.

I hope every
one of you has a blessed day, and that no matter how steep the hill, you'll keep climbing. The view at at top is more than worth it. I speak from experience. Like

many of you I have a lot on my plate these days, so many unfamiliar things I have to become familiar with- and to accept.
. I don't sink, though my heart is heavy, because I truly believe what I have told you. Everything, in the end, works out; not always as we wish it would, but the way God knows is best. He doesn't give us what we want...but what we need.

Thank you again, for all the loving support, prayers and good wishes.

Love you much.


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    1. Thank you Karen. I appreciate you stopping by.

  2. Did you write this just for me?I am pretty sure you know I am going through alot and when I read this it just made me feel better.Thank you.Love you lots.

    1. I didn't write it for you, honey but glad it helped. I wrote it some time ago, when I was going through a difficult time. Reading Romans 8:28 always reminds me that God knows what he is doing; reminds me how senseless a thing worry is. Keep leaning on him. If you make HIM your point of focus, Amanda, your life will go much more smoothly. Hugs and much love.

  3. I am going to put this verse on my verse sheet that I carry around with me.

  4. Hi hon.
    This verse has been such a huge blessing to me, is the one I depend upon whenever
    I am confronted with trials, unpleasant things, anything that disrupts my peace. I memorized it
    a long time ago, but have it beside my computer. Seeing it reminds me of how true it is;
    reminds me that there is no reason for me to worry.