Monday, February 10, 2014

Are You Guarding Your Heart?

We think we know ourselves (or at least I thought I did), until I began looking up what
God says about the heart. I discovered rather quickly just how blind I'd been, just how off the mark when it came to "keeping my heart." The scripture tells us that the heart is deceitful, that none can know it. Studying what God says about the heart showed me the truth in this, which is the reason for this post. I am hoping it blesses those who read it as greatly as it has blessed me.

It is only by being honest with ourselves--about ourselves that we can began to grow, 

to become the men and women God desires us to be. It is in our hearts that we first 
began to lose our closeness to the Lord. Like a boat without a captain we little-by
little, unawares, start drifting away from the Lord, from all that is good- real- true. It is
here that backsliding begins.

We failed to observe the red flags: How the world was getting our affection instead of the Lord, how we failed to keep our promise to meet the Lord every morning, to sit at his feet and learn from Him. We failed to notice that we'd slipped back into the former

way of depending upon ourselves, overlooked the fact that the only time we prayed any more was when a crisis arose. We no longer prayed as we once did, prayed simply because we loved HIM and it made us happy to spend time with Him. We did
not notice that reading His Word we now see as a chore- rather than a pleasure.
 Is our faith constantly in motion? Are we living it? Is our love for the Lord hot, as once it was -or worse- lukewarm? Does the world see patience in us, and love, kindness, self-control, joy? Or does it see hatred, greed, envy, bad tempers, impulsiveness?

We are "to keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life."
(Proverbs 4:23)
To keep the heart means to guard it, protect it. We are to keep heart and mind walking

a straight line.  A heart cannot be set right unless it is SET right, programmed, in a way.
Think of it as a clock. To set it correctly we have to turn the hands from hate to love, from sin to holiness, from love of the world to love of Christ, from self love-to love of others. 

We cannot go through life living solely upon the occasional highs received from a song, sermon, an unexpected blessing, if those high moments do not change us, if

they do not put within us a desire to give out the good that God has put within.
It does no good to read God's Word, and understand it, if we are unwilling to do as
He asks us to do, if we remain unwilling to change.



  1. Praise with understanding.....:)

    1. Thank you Dee, for stopping by. I appreciate it.

  2. Thank you for these wise words Barb...You do day the most helpful things sometimes comming at just the right time... God Bless you xxx

    1. That has always been a most amazing thing to me, Sybil, how God manages to get the right things said to us at just the right time. Thank you for taking time to leave comment. Love you and appreciate it very much.

  3. Hi Barb...I understand the meaning. I have a lot of patience, love and kindness in me. I don't show my love towards anyone, but people around me know that I have patience, love and kindness and I try and do good and try to think of good things and dismiss the bad.
    God has always been in my thoughts ever since I had a cardiac arrest back in 1974 no, September 1975. which changed my way of thinking. And my outlook on life and of people had changed too.
    I don't go to church, but I pray in my own way and when things seem low for me or others around me or I hear of any bad news or patronised, intimidated< in any way or anything bad be it within family or people I don't know I think of God which brings HIM closer, in a way where a sense of things don't seem so bad after all. I constantly have good thoughts and prayers for family and those around me even when they are plain ignorant to the facts ect...
    My thoughts and feelings for them are still good, I may lapse a little but when I think of God nothing seems half as bad. I believe God has helped me and for me to help others through many bad times even though the other person thinks they are doomed . God moves in mysterious ways to help us through such bad times even though we don't think that way at the time, but when we do sit and think we can see and understand the meanings. Of course, some people would think I have lost my marbles or something when and if they read this. But, I truly believe in my own way.

    Thnx Barb for these lovely words you have took time to write and post in your blog.
    God Bless you Dear Barb. You have always been in my thoughts even though I haven't been around much or visited your luv ya lots xxx

    1. Thank you, Sarah, for taking time to leave a comment. Focusing on the LORD when things get tough is what helps me too. I am sure you bless many people by your patience and kindness. Sometimes we are unaware that at all times we are influencing somebody, whether for good or bad.

  4. Hi Barb...I once took note of what you told me about writing everything down. I have done that and wrote everything daily in my blog be it good or bad and I must say it has helped me through such bad times over this past year since () Heart Attack back in March 2013 and had 2 stents put in his Heart. This was his second Heart Attack since 2007. The heart Attack's have been a big milestone. His Bipolar has been really bad of late and don't seem to be letting up. He has also got a degenerative bone disease which he was diagnosed with back in 1972 and has also got worse over time and he may need one of those collars to strap his head up permanently because he is getting bad headaches and pain in the head and neck, all that jelly stuff in the discs of his spine has all gone, he is in a lot of pain. He is waiting to go back to the Heart specialist as he is having bad problems breathing. It has been said he might have to have a pace-maker put in.
    I don't understand a lot of () illnesses, but its not good. I feel so bad and so sorry for what is happening to him, so that's why I find it easer to write about () health situations along with my own health conditions to lighten my mind of things which helps me a great deal and, when I read what I have written I can then see how things are for () especially. I do pray for him a lot. tc Dear Barb xxx

    1. Sarah, I'm glad that you took my advice about writing things down, glad to hear that it has helped you. Writing things down, whether our day went well or was a really bad one, helps us move forward. On my bad days I don't read what I write down. I read them later on in the week, when things are going better. That way i can see more clearly what went on in my life, how I reacted to things.
      O's health issues are very hard on you, I know. It is not easy being with somebody who has serious health issues, who is in a lot of pain. My Johnny's health issues were oftentimes very hard to cope with. GOD helped me, just as He is helping you. Keep writing in your blog, or private journal if you have one. And know that any time you need somebody to talk to I'm but an email away. I'll be praying for O and for you too.
      Take care. Love you much.