Friday, July 27, 2012

From my morning devotion
lesson (shared in April-2001

Matthew 28:20

"Lo, I am with you all the appointed days."

We don't have to fear the changes that enter our lives. Our tomorrows will find the Lord beside us just as he was the day before- and is today. He has walked with us to this present moment and will be with us at our last.

The years of our lives will contain many experiences: marriage, divorce, births, deaths, new jobs, the loss of a job, a new home- the loss of a new home. There will be happy families and dysfunctional families, and God will be there to rejoice with us, or grieve with us, as He has always done.

"Lo, I am with you.." What comfort; what reassurance. God with us doesn't mean what it means when a man says this. When the LORD says it it means we'll not be betrayed, won't be abandoned, will always have somebody trustworthy in our corner. It means we have somebody on our side, somebody who won't bail out on us when things get rough. It means no matter how bright our day- or how dark the nights, we can depend upon him. His WORD is better than gold.

One of my sons, as a small child - about four years old, feared the dark. Even with a night light on he'd have trouble falling asleep. Every night, I'd tuck him in and reassure him that I'd be in the next room, so he didn't have to worry or be afraid. Yet every night, until sleep found him, he'd call our at regular intervals "Mommy, are you there? Are you still there?"
    This is how we are with the Lord, when the stress of life has hemmed us in, leaving us discouraged, weary, and afraid. It does not seem quite good enough that God says to us  "Lo, I am with you all the appointed days." We still call out to him when we are in trouble, in the dark of night- and  yes, sometimes in the bright of noon-day. "God, are you there? Are you still there?
   Jesus promised to never forsake us. Let's believe him ; let's praise Him for his faithfulness rather than be a doubting Thomas.
Create some wonderful memories today. Be good to others- good to yourselves too. Be patient with yourselves. Don't become discouraged when considering your imperfections but instead, set about remedying them. Every day= a new way. Every day begin the task anew.



  1. Enjoyed this post so much dear Barb. You are a great writer!

    1. So sweet of you to take time to read it. Thanks so much.